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30.3.2013 Propozice na jablonecký plavecko-běžecký duatlon, který se bude konat 25. dubna naleznete zde

5.10.2012 Výsledky z lékařského triatlonu naleznete zde.

 31.7.2012  TJ Bižuterie Jablonec n.N. uspořádá  dne 22.září 2012 opět triatlon pro mládežnické kategorie. Podrobnější infromace již brzy v sekci Libereceký kraj.

    8.7.2012 Zážitky Petry Kuříkové - 5.té   z akademického MS si můžete přečíst zde.

28.3.2012    13.Jablonecký plavecko-běžecký duatlon se uskuteční ve čtvrek 12.dubna v plaveckém bazénu ( ul. Sv.Čecha ) a jeho okolí. Prezentace od 13 do 13,30hod. Bližší informace uvedeme v nejbližší době.

29.1.2012 Ve druhém závodě ČP v ZTT v Hlinsku si vedll skvěle Martin Hušek, když stejně jako před týdnem získal 2.místo. Lepší byl pouze Pavel Jindra. Ostatní závodníci našeho oddílu nestartovali. Po dvou závodech je Martin celkově druhý a tým TJ Bižuterie na 2.-3.místě výsledky zde.


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World Triathlon Podcast 33: Kenji Nener

St, 07/04/2021 - 20:50

After racing with team Australia for many years, Kenji Nener completed the move to representing Japan in 2018. In the latest edition of the World Triathlon Podcast, he talks frankly about the dangers of overthinking in his racing, his admiration for the mental toughness of some of the sport’s greats he has witnessed up close and personal, and how he dealt with the disappointment of missing out on a possible podium in Karlovy Vary last year. Listen in full below or on Apple, Google and Spotify.

“I grew up in Western Australia, but I moved across when I was 17 to train with Chris Lang initially. So he was based in Queensland and at the time he was coaching Brad Kahlefeldt and Emma Moffatt. Emma Moffatt, Emma Jackson, they’re phenomenal athletes. They’re extremely regimented, extremely determined. And you know, they’re awe inspiring. From a young age, I was very lucky to see what it took to be something like them. Emma Moffatt to me was something phenomenal. She, she was so mentally tough. Same thing with Emma Jackson. I’ve only ever really seen that in, in someone like Kristian Blummenfelt or Gustav Iden. They’re just so headstrong. It didn’t matter what session it was, they rocked up and they gave it a hundred percent.”

“It was just amazing to see the determination, the resilience, the mental fortitude. I think a lot of athletes, nowadays especially, have the potential to be at least in the top five in the world, but I think what separates the top 20 to the top five is the mental amplitude. A lot of great athletes, whether outside of triathlon, running, whatever sport they always have this drive this hunger, and it must’ve been instilled from a young age, maybe they had an experience of winning and they just never wanted to let that go.”

Nener has been using meditation and visualisation to help him achieve the clarity of thought he feels makes the difference at the highest level.

“Up until I probably left to Japan, I over-thought situations. I would try and almost calibrate how I would need to prepare in the race or like how small or subtle changes would influence the dynamic. And I would try and almost formulate a way to optimise my performance based on those changes, but I was overthinking and of course mental energy, as many people know, probably consumes more energy than physical. And I would overthink, and if it didn’t go to plan - and triathlon has many variables - then that would get my head unstuck.”

“But the more that you’re able to bring yourself in and let go of your emotions and accept - the biggest thing is to accept the situation. Don’t reject it. And once you’ve accepted the situation, then you think about what you can control rather than reject.”

Kenji goes on to reveal how he felt and responded to his first experiences at the World Triathlon Series leveI.

“I definitely remember that the first 5km off the bike was good. But then after that, it was awful to be honest. I mean, that was my capability at the time. And I have to accept that. I had a solid swim but unfortunately I didn’t quite make the break at the front, but the pace was definitely hot that day. I remember that Alessandro Fabian came back to our group and I was thinking, ‘well, if he’s back then it must’ve been cracking at the front’.”

“I’m very excited to see someone like Vincent Luis absolutely dominate it to be honest, I’m happy for him, but it shows that I have a lot of work to do, and then the rest of the world does to some extent.”

Nener was right with Luis in Karlovy Vary as part of a small group heading into T2 when disaster struck and a coming together with Hungary’s Mark Devay ended his race. It is still a raw moment for him.

“Coming 20th at the World Championships, I was happy with it, but I knew I had a lot more. And then I was thinking, ‘this is going to be my shot’. So the swim worked out to be perfect. The bike pretty much 99% of it worked out to be perfect. And the way I’d been running at that time, I was thinking I’d definitely be in it for the podium.”

“But unfortunately that incident happened and that’s something I can’t control and that’s in the past now, so all I can do is basically be better than what I was at that at that point of time. And I know it’s in me.”

“It was extremely tough for a couple of reasons. The first one was of course, potentially the race of my life had just gone out the window. And then the second was, I didn’t really have that many scratches as such, but my wrists, both were shocking. And It took me the flight back to Japan in order for me to get my head straight. And then once I started training in my home environment, I felt more comfortable. And then I started believing in myself a lot more, but it’s amazing how you could go from basically your best ever performance to thinking that I have no place here.

“I had the hunger to win that day and I have to find that hunger to win every day, because ultimately that that’s the defining difference. That’s all it is.”

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Triathlon joins the European Games 2023

St, 31/03/2021 - 16:21

The sports programme for the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 continues to grow with the inclusion today of triathlon. Our sport will return to the European Games fold in 2023 for the second time, after featuring at the first edition in Baku in 2015.

“It is great for our sport and for our organization to be included again in the programme of the European Games”, said World Triathlon President and IOC member, Marisol Casado. “And adding a third medal event, the Mixed Relay, proves that our sport presence is growing, especially in Europe. Providing the top European athletes another major event to compete at is always great news, that I am absolutely convinced that our community, the fans and spectators will love”, she said.

World Triathlon European Continental President Renato Bertrandi, said:

“It is with great pleasure that we can confirm that triathlon will be part of the European Games that will take place in Poland in 2023,” Bertrandi said. “Triathlon was part of the first edition of the Games back in 2015 where we successfully staged our race over the standard (Olympic) distance. In 2023 we will be in the European Games with two races: the individual one based on the standard distance, 1500 Swim, 40km Cycle and 10k Run, and the Mixed Relay. This is a new exciting, fast and furious format that will provide a second medal opportunity to our discipline of triathlon for the first time in Tokyo 2020.

“I am sure that our best athletes will love to be part of the European Games in 2023 and I am confident that it will be seen as a not-to-be-missed event every four years.”

The European Games are the continent’s premier multisport event for elite athletes and are held every four years. The European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 are set to include roughly two dozen Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Sport climbing and triathlon join archery, badminton, beach handball, boxing, canoe, karate, modern pentathlon, muaythai, shooting and taekwondo on the 2023 programme, with more sports set to follow in the coming weeks.

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Eliminator format set to debut at new-look World Triathlon Championship Series

Út, 30/03/2021 - 06:17

With the 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series now set to begin in Yokohama on 15 May, it has been confirmed that August’s Groupe Copley WTCS Montreal will see another exciting first for the sport’s top tier of racing: the Eliminator.

The intense new format takes place across two days and over a super-sprint course: 300m swim, 6km bike, 1.5km run.

The Montreal race will see up to 60 athletes drawn in two qualifiers on day one. The top ten from each race will progress through to the next day, along with ten more from the repechage races for those who did not make the cut (the top ten in the case of a single repechage, the top five of each in the case of two).

All 30 athletes classified for the final round will then line up on day two to battle it out for gold over three more super sprints.

At the end of the first race, the last ten across the line will be eliminated. At the end of the second, the final ten will also be eliminated. The last race of the weekend will see the remaining 10 athletes race for gold in a dramatic finale.

“As part of our mission to innovate and entertain, World Triathlon is constantly exploring different models for competition. The huge success of the Mixed Relay will see it make its Olympic debut in Tokyo, and now the Eliminator is set to bring another fresh and exciting new format to the sport’s most prestigious events: The World Triathlon Championship Series,” said World Triathlon President Marisol Casado.

After its debut in Canada, the Eliminator will also be the format for the men’s and women’s elite races at October’s WTCS Bermuda.

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World Triathlon Podcast 32: Leo Bergere

Čt, 25/03/2021 - 23:10

Episode 32 of the World Triathlon Podcast sees Leo Bergere, one of the youngest of a strong current crop of elite triathletes out of France, talk about how he is looking forward to the battle for Olympic berths between the talented French set up, why the Grand Prix circuit has powered the current national success and how learning to take risks has improved his racing. Listen on Apple, Google and Spotify.

“As a pro triathlete, we like to know where we are going and that wasn’t the case last year,” he says, despite securing World Championship bronze in Hamburg in September. “That was a turning point because I could finally get a spot on the podium after missing out a few times. That was more a mental game I think, because I wasn’t taking enough risks.”

“I think in my first years in the French team I was afraid to lose my spot, so I was just calculating too much. I finished quite a few races with the feeling that I had missed something and I waited too much on the bike or I was staying behind some big names on the run. Now I’m starting to have a little bit more confidence.”

“I needed to pass through these different steps and it’s true that this level right now in France is making everyone strong in the team. We are lucky to have this level and some figures like Vincent… I’m learning a lot.”

“The Grand Prix circuit sees the best in the world come and race for five events in a season so, as the best junior in France, you get to race alongside a Gomez or Brownlee with no pressure, just learning as much as you can and going for it. That’s some hard racing and really good preparation for the WTCS.”

As for the French team’s chances in the Mixed Relay at the Olympic Games in August, Bergere knows that even the string of world titles means nothing when they hit that start line in Tokyo.

“We are always careful… it’s a spot where you have to enjoy being because the next race you can get beaten because all the other teams are so, so strong as well. We are not the only favourites. We are mixing it up a little bit to try some new strategies.”

You can listen to the full podcast below, where Leo talks about how living with Italy’s Angelica Olmo has instilled certain good nutritional habits that have helped him finish Olympic distance races stronger and the tiny blue car they travel around in when not flying to races around the world, as well as revealing the pains of running barefoot in Singapore.

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Olympic ambition on the line in the Australian Championships and Mixed Relay Invitational

St, 24/03/2021 - 13:43

After the race season came to a halt for many triathletes in March 2020, due to the global pandemic, it was a welcomed scene to sight elite athletes line up for action in the Australian Standard Distance Championships in Queensland, Australia.

Mirroring the triathlon schedule at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Australia’s elite triathletes were given the opportunity to race in the Australian Standard Distance Championships in Mooloolaba, on Sunday 14 March and the Triathlon Australia Mixed Relay Invitational, at the Gold Coast High Performance Centre, on Thursday 18 March.

In December 2020 Triathlon Australia announced that the Triathlon Australia Board has ratified the recommendation of the Triathlon Australia Elite Selection Committee (TAESC) to nominate Ashleigh Gentle and Jake Birtwhistle to the Australian Olympic Committee, if Australia earns a quota place for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at the completion of the TA qualification period mid year, pending World Triathlon quota allocation.

Gentle, who competed in the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and Olympic hopeful Birtwhistle lined up in Mooloolaba. Gentle produced the perfect race with a strong display of early season form, in an Olympic year, to be awarded the gold medal in the Australian Standard Distance Championships. Birtwhistle, who had not raced a Standard Distance triathlon in over 12-months, took the bronze medal with a powerful performance in extremely hot and humid race conditions.

Jaz Hedgeland
displayed an impressive race set-up to earn the silver medal and Chile’s three-time Olympian Barbara Riveros, who is based in Wollongong, Australia, took home bronze in Mooloolaba.

Matthew Hauser stamped intent with an outstanding performance to win the elite men’s race, rising star Brandon Copeland in silver and Olympian Aaron Royle crossing the finish line in fourth place.

With a few days between races and to demonstrate somewhat of a simulation concept to the Olympic triathlon schedule in Tokyo, athletes recovered in time to and race again in the Triathlon Australia Mixed Relay Invitational on Australia’s Gold Coast. A few more elite athlete names added to the start list, to test their best in the mixed relay format, including Olympians Emma Jackson, Ryan Fisher, Olympic hopefuls Emma Jeffcoat and Luke Willian and Commonwealth Games Mixed Relay medallist Gillian Backhouse.

Unfortunately Backhouse was forced to withdraw before the relay final, after a bike crash on the technical course in the first race heat.

The thrilling super-sprint race format meant that athletes left nothing on the racing track. Aaron Royle and Emma Jeffcoat showed off incredible form to win overall.

“I’m really pleased with my performances today across the two races. I know I’m in good form and happy that I’ve been able to demonstrate that today.

“It was awesome to be back racing against a fierce and strong line up of Aussie girls, it’s exciting for us all to push one another,” said Jeffcoat.

“I was actually pretty sore this whole week. This was the first race that I’ve done in quite a while, like World Triathlon style racing. So I was actually really sore in the quads so I was a little bit worried but luckily the legs sort of just came good today,” Royle said.

Gentle and Hauser backed up their winning performances in Mooloolaba to earn second place and Jaz Hedgeland and Luke Willian capped the day with third place.

“Mooloolaba was on Sunday so I had to make sure I recovered as best I could, more active recovery in my training. I am really happy with my heat, I was quote composed and I used it as a practice for Tokyo in the sense that I pretended I was the third female and in the finals we went second but I did my proper swim warm up as if I was first female so I had both experiences, I think that’s really great and the timing between the induvial and relay is the same as Tokyo and it’s really great to proactive that,” Gentle said.

Triathlon Australia’s National Performance Director Justin Drew explained the format and domestic opportunities for the Australian elite triathletes.

“We are fortunate in that we can race and there’s no question that we’re going to make the most of that. We can continue to wait until what happens internationally or we can get on with it which is what we’re doing. For us, we’ve either managed to run events ourselves or partner with other event organisers to try and bring a circuit together and we will continue to do that all the way through to Tokyo.

“For Mooloolaba it was the Mooloolaba was the return to Standard Distance racing and that presented the opportunity to run a mixed relay event off the back of that. We’ve been running mixed relay events for a number of years and for us it’s a really important event and we make no secret that we target it and we pride ourselves on our performance in the relay.

“Understandably it’s not an exact replication of Tokyo, that’s not possible when you start to look at events like Tokyo to run different genders on difference days but it affords us the chance to look at how athletes respond and not only that but for athletes to choose different competition options where we had a number of our senior opt not to do the standard distance event and focus on the mixed relay so there’s a number of differences in preparation and recovery across both those events which will be beneficial.
“The take home is that our athletes are a team and they will focus on the relay performance,” said Drew.

At the time of the announcement in December 2020 Justin Drew welcomed the early ratification of the Triathlon Australia Elite Selection Committee to nominate Ashleigh Gentle and Jake Birtwhistle to the Australian Olympic Committee.

“The philosophy of the TAESC is to strike a balance between certainty and preparation of the team across both individual and relay events, alongside ensuring we keep working to maximise quota, to refine strategy and drive performance outcomes.

“Both Ashleigh and Jake are proven performers at individual and relay, and I look forward to them preparing for success in Tokyo over the coming months,” said Drew.

The 2021 Australian Standard Distance Championships saw athletes race over a 1.5km ocean swim, 40km course and a 10km hilly run along Mooloolaba’s coastline.

Australian Standard Distance Championships Results
Elite men
1. Matthew Hauser AUS
2. Brandon Copeland AUS
3. Jake Birtwhistle AUS

Elite women
1. Ashleigh Gentle AUS
2. Jaz Hedgeland AUS
3. Barbara Riveros CHI

The 2021 Mixed Relay Invitational saw athletes compete in teams of two over the 300m swim, 6.8km bike and 1.9km run in a Heats and Finals format. 

2021 Triathlon Australia Mixed Relay Invitational Results

A Final
1. Aaron Royle and Emma Jeffcoat
2. Matthew Hauser and Ashleigh Gentle
3. Luke Willian and Jaz Hedgeland

Photo credit: Freeway Studios | Triathlon Australia



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World Triathlon launches the 2021 Athlete Scholarship Programme

St, 24/03/2021 - 13:11

World Triathlon is proud to announce the opening of applications for the 2021 Athlete Scholarship Programme, meant to identify and provide support, resources and expertise to athletes from developing or emerging National Federations (NF Groups*: 2, 3B, 3A) with the greatest needs in order to help them compete at Continental and World level over the Olympic Qualification Period and help their preparation and qualification for the upcoming Olympic Games and beyond.

(*Note: for NF Groups please visit National Federation Survey  and NF Survey 2019 report)

Athletes selected for the World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship Programme will be carefully ‘placed’ in a programme commensurate with their specific needs in the interest of their progressive development to an elite level. Placements will vary in duration and form depending on the specific outline of the programme developed by the NF in conjunction with the World Triathlon Development deemed to be conducive to the athlete’s development needs.

The target group will be athletes from developing National Federations who have already shown competence at a Continental and World level and are looking to make the step up to top-level training and racing but need support to do so. These athletes should be seen as Olympic prospects (Tokyo 2020 & Paris 2024) by their National Federations. The athletes will be drawn primarily from U23 and elite ranks, but junior athletes can also be considered as part of the next generation for the future.

In order to be eligible and apply for the Scholarship, Athletes must be registered and in good standing with their National Federations and have shown the ability to race at a high standard in Continental and World Cup level competition. The athletes nominated by their National Federations should be committed to competing in the long term and have the Olympic Games as an ultimate objective.

World Triathlon Development will consider the following criteria in the selection process:
• Top 5 placing at Continental Championship in Elite, U23 or Junior category in the past two years among the developing/emerging NFs (NF Groups: 2, 3B, 3A).
• Must be from an emerging/developing National Federation (NF Groups: 2, 3B, 3A).
All applications will be considered in conjunction with a strong endorsement from the athlete’s National Federation.

The applications should be submitted to the World Triathlon Development (development@triathlon.org) no later than Friday, 9 April 2021. Successful applicants will be informed within a week after the application deadline, and World Triathlon Development will coordinate the plans with the successful athletes and their NFs.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications MUST be submitted by the respective National Federation of the applicant. The National Federation must be in good standing with World Triathlon and submit the annual World Triathlon National Federation Survey.

Successful applicants will receive the following:
• The amount of funding allocated to each athlete depending on the programme outline submitted by the NF for each candidate.

Use of the World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship
The World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship may be used for the following as defined in the athlete’s 2021 planning and approved by World Triathlon Development:
- Participation (travel, accommodation) at qualification races on the way to Tokyo 2020 and beyond
- Training camps
- Massage, Physiotherapy
- Equipment support

Evaluation and Requirements of Recipients
The athletes selected will be tracked for the duration of the placement, and regular reporting will be required from the candidates and their personal coaches.

Athletes who receive a World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship will be required to compete in the Continental Championships (Elite, U23, Junior) and/or the World Championships (U23, Junior) in the year of receiving the scholarship.

All recipients must make themselves available (within reason and without interfering with the athlete’s training, racing or school commitments) for interviews and photo sessions to promote the programme in their own country and internationally.

All recipients must either organise or be involved in a Community or Youth Triathlon Project within their home NF within their scholarship year and submit a detailed report to World Triathlon Development within 2 weeks of the project taking place.

Download the Application Form here.

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2020:

Antoanela MANAC (ROU)
Diego MOYA (CHI)
Mohamad MASO (SYR)
Romina Natali BIAGIOLI (ARG)

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2019:

Antoanela Manac (ROM)
Brian Moya (COL)
Erica Hawley (BER)
Kaidi Kivioja (EST)
Kim Marion Mangrobang (PHI)
Matthew Wright (BAR)
Ognjen Stojanovic (SER)
Tyler Smith (BER)

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2018:

Armando Matute (ECU)
Brian Moya (COL)
Diana Castillo (COL)
Edda Hannesdottir (ISL)
Erica Hawley (BER)
Juan José Andrade Figueroa (ECU)
Kaidi Kivioja (EST)
Matthew Wright (BAR)
Mikita Bely (BLR)
Mikita Katsianeu (BLR)
Ognjen Stojanovic (SER)
Tyler Smith (BER)

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Spain dominates medal tally in the World Triathlon Age-Group Winter Championships

Po, 22/03/2021 - 12:49

Andorra welcomed more than 200 athletes to the start line to compete in the World Triathlon Winter Championships across 20-21 March and Sunday’s line-up featured the World Triathlon Age-Group Winter Championships. Conditions were windy and chilly in Andorra’s Naturlandia adventure Park, where the world’s best age-group winter triathletes started racing from 10.45am local time.

Andorra’s Naturlandia, near the town of Sant Julià de Lòria, was the perfect stage for the world’s best winter triathletes to compete across their version of a winter triathlon, consisting of running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing across a sprawling winter landscape. Spain dominated the age-group World Triathlon Winter Championships medal tally collecting 27 medals in total across the competition in Andorra. Germany scored an impressive 14 World Triathlon Winter Championships medals followed by France with 5 medals, Estonia with 3 and Czech Republic claiming 2 age-group medals alongside USA and Slovakia. Review the World Triathlon Winter Championships results.

Winter Triathlon is one of the newest events on World Triathlon’s calendar with athletes running approximately 8 km on the snow, 14 km of mountain biking and 12 km of cross-country skiing. The World Triathlon Winter Championships is a two-day event with athletes competing across the elite, junior, u23, para triathlon and age-group events. Andorra also hosted a mixed relay event for both the elites and juniors and Team Norway claimed the gold medals in both races.

Andorra hosted the 23th edition of the World Triathlon Winter Championships, an event that was first held in Mals, Italy, in 1997 and has since gained popularity, with thousands of athletes participating in the sport.

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Norway is crowned in Andorra the champion of Winter Triathlon

Ne, 21/03/2021 - 13:11

The day started chilly and windy in Naturlandia, and with the course covered with sheets of ice that forced some changes and a small delay of the start of the competition, and with 12 teams aligned at the start of the 2021 World Triathlon Winter Mixed Relay Championships in Andorra. And once again, Team Norway proved that they have arrived to the sport in great shape, claiming the gold medals both in the Elite and the Junior Relays. 

Current World Champion Sandra Mairhofer was the one in charge of leading the Italian team in the first leg of the Mixed Relay, and she put her team in the leading position, a place that they would not abandon until the last km of the race. She managed to stay in font during her first leg, ahead of the two teams representing the Russian Triathlon Federation and Norway.

When Guiseppe Lamastra (ITA) started his first leg -1.5km run, 3.2km bike and 2.25km ski- the lead with the Pavel Andreev was of only a few seconds, enough for the eight time World champion to catch up and do the ski leg all together. The just crowned world champion Hans Christian Tungensvik (NOR) was battling with Evguenii Uliashev (RTF), Robert Gehbauer (AUT) and Viorel Palici (ROU) to stay within close reach of the leaders.

Mairhofer was again leading on her second leg, comfortably ahead of the two teams representing the Russian Federation, with Elizabeth Sveum (NOR) on the chase for a spot on the podium, but also knowing that the second team from RTF will not be considered for the final classification, according to the World Triathlon rules that only one team per country can stay in the final classification in the Mixed Relay World Championships. She tagged her teammate for the final leg in the fourth place, but Norway never gave up and Tungensvik went full gas on his final leg.

The Norwegian managed to stay in fourth place during the run and bike, to then show a superb performance on the skis, passing all the teams lap by lap. Half way trough he was chasing Lamastra for the gold, to finish the last meters of the race smiling while his teammate waited in the finish line. Behind Team Norway, Italy secured the silver medal in the Relay, with Team RTF 1 finishing in third place. Team Austria claimed the fourth position, and Romania closed the top five.

In the Juniors Relay, it was a powerful display from team Norway, even though they knew well in advance that only one team from each country can be in the final qualifications. They had two teams competing, one with both Junior World Champions crowned yesterday, Sivert Ekroll and Julie Meinicke, and the second one with both silver medallists, Casper Ronning and Theresa Furstenberg, and both of them smashed the rest of the field, working together from the first laps to open a significant gap and then work together throughout the whole race.

It was only at the last lap of the final ski when Ekroll, only 16 years of age and already twice Junior world champion of winter triathlon, managed to pass his teammate to claim gold for Team Norway 1. “It was an all or nothing race for both teams”, explained the Norwegian coach after the race. “They knew that whoever will finish first will be in the podium, but the second team will not be considered in the results, so they fought extremely hard at the end, but managed to work together from the beginning. They are all really good skiers and runners, and Sivert is also competing in MTB races, so we are building a really strong team for the future of winter triathlon events”, he said.

Third on the finish line, but claiming the silver medal, was Team Russia with Anastasiia Nepomilueva and Yaroslav Kurilenok, and the last spot in the podium was for the young Spanish team of Irene Moro Betrian and Alvaro Lopez Lucia, who grabbed the first ever medal for Spain in the Mixed Relay winter championships.

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First ever Winter Triathlon world title for Italian Mairhofer

So, 20/03/2021 - 18:28

Italian Sandra Mairhofer arrived in Andorra wondering if the great performance she did in the World Triathlon Winter Cup Asiago three weeks ago would be enough to grant her a spot on the podium at the World Championships… and she delivered. The young Italian ended with seven years of Russian dominance to claim he first ever Winter Triathlon world title, accompanied on the podium by Romana Slavinec (AUT) and Anna Medvedeva, representing the Russian Triathlon Federation.

Sandra started full gas in the run, finishing the 6,55km over the snowy circuit in Andorra with almost half a minute over the closest competitors: Maria Luisa Razina (ROU), Svetlana Sokolova (RTF) and Anna Medvedeva. Reigning World Champion, Daria Rogozina (RTF), lost almost three minutes in the run, which put her in a complicated situation for the bike course.

And in the technical bike course on the slopes of Naturlandia the athletes grouped in a large pack, with all the big names riding close to each other. By the end of the demanding course, Norwegian rising star Elisabeth Sveum, Aneta Grabmullerova (CZE), Yulia Surikova (RTF) and Daria Rogozina had made it as well to the front, along with Mairhofer and Slavinec.

The Italian kept some strength for the end of the race, and with a great ski performance she left all the other triathletes behind despite having to serve a 15 seconds penalty for leaving equipment outside the box, to claim the world title all smiles. “I am so extremely happy”, she recognized after finishing the race. “I performed really well in Asiago but most of the stronger rivals where not there, so I wasn’t sure of how I would perform today. I did execute the race as I had planned, so this first world title feels just great”, she said.

Behind her in the finish line was Romana Slavinec, who repeated the second place in the World Championships she got last year in Asiago. Third crossing the finish was Elizabeth Sveum (NOR) after an astonishing ski leg, but she was disqualified for not stopping at the penalty box for serving a penalty, which left Anna Medvedeva to claim the third and last spot on the podium.

She was followed by another neutral athlete from the Russian Triathlon Federation, Daria Rogozina, with Aneta Grabmullerova (CZE) and Carina Wasle (AUT) following in 5th and 6th place.

In the U23 women’s race, the athletes from the Russian Triathlon Federation proved to be unbeatable, with Nadezhda Belkina, Olga Chereminisova and Valeria Kuznetsova finishing in the first three places.

And in the women’s Junior race, the Norwegians again showed they have the strongest junior team, with Julie Meinicke (NOR) dominating the race from start to finish, followed on the finish by Theresa Furstenberg (NOR) and Anastasiia Nepomilueva (RUS) closing the podium.

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Norwegian Hans Christian Tungensvik claims the Winter Triathlon crown

So, 20/03/2021 - 16:37

Naturlandia, the stunning natural park in Andorra, was the perfect host for the 2021 World Triathlon Winter Championships, with Norway showing an incredible performance as a team to grab three of the six gold medals on dispute this Saturday. Hans Christian Tungensvik (NOR) showed an incredible performance on skis to outrun Pavel Andreev (RTF), winner of the previous 8 world titles. 

The 26 athletes vying for the world title lined up early morning with freezing temperatures (-7ºC) but the sun shining in the sky.

Italian Franco Pesavento decided to show his cards from the very beginning, going so strong on the run that literally no one was able to follow him. He managed to open a gap of almost 20 seconds in the first lap of the run, while Victor del Corral (ESP), Daniel Antonioli (ITA) and Eneko Llanos (ESP) were the only ones able to follow the frantic rhythm of the Italian.

Half way through the run -a 6,55km run done in four laps on a quite technical and hilly circuit-, the 8th times world champion, Pavel Andreev was easily running one minute behind the leaders, while Pesavento was flying, eager to get to the first transition, where he made it with over 30 seconds from the chasing trio. By then, the difference with the current World Champion was 1 minute 20 seconds.

The first km on the bike proved to be quite challenging for the triathletes, with a fast descent with some ice placs and turns that ended up showing which triathletes are more used to driving in the snow. Llanos, Xavier Jove (AND) and the athletes representing the Russian Triathlon Federation were the ones who took advantage of their cross triathlon and long distance experience. Behind the leaders, Pavel was gaining spots one by one, making sure that he will arrive at the second transition in a good position, close to the leaders, to show his skiing skills.

Also showing impressive skills on the bike were Guiseppe Lamastra (ITA) and Marek Rauchfuss (CZE), who had the fastest splits on the bike segment.

For the final segment over the skis, it only took one lap for Andrev to get to the first place, but what seemed to business as usual for him, turned out to be a magnificent display of power and skiing abilities from an outsider: Hans Christian Tungensvik, from Norway.

Competing on his first ever international winter triathlon, he positioned himself in the second place on the first lap of the ski, to then pass Andrev with two laps to go and cross the finish line comfortably all by himself to grab the Winter Triathlon world title.

“I am incredibly happy”, said the Norwegian, a long distance athlete with a 8h40mins time on a few Ironman distance events that had never tried before winter triathlon until a month ago, when he claimed the National title and was selected to compete in Andorra. “I did not expect this. It is my first race of this level, so I knew I was in great shape, but had no idea of how the others were and how I will be compared with them. I love skiing, and this circuit was amazing. I would love to race more winter tri races for sure”, he said. Little did he imagine that he was going to be the first Norwegian medal today, but definitely not the last one. “I should have grabbed an Andorra cap before crossing the finish line to see if I can be sponsored by the Andorran government”, he said laughing, referencing his teammate Gustav Iden, who was sponsored by the government of Taiwan after wearing a cap with their brand when winning the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

The silver medal was for Andreev, while Lamastra claimed the last spot on the podium, to much delight of the Italian team. His teammate Pasavento finished in the fourth place, while the 5th position was for Rauchfuss.

In the U23 Male’s race, it was the young Italian Mattia Tanara who claimed the World title, after an impressive run that positioned himself in the first place of his category with almost two minutes’ difference with the chasers. His great skiing performance granted him the first place overall, followed on the finish line by Evgenii Evgrafov and Ivan Zalavtsev, both neutral athletes representing the Russian Triathlon Federation.

The Juniors had a shorter course, going for a 3,35km run, 4,8 bike and 4,55 ski course, that ended up with the Norwegian team showing that they have a serious commitment with Winter Triathlon and are investing not only on the elite category, but also on the youngsters. With only 16 years of age and with impressive skiing skiils, Sivert Ekroll  (NOR) dominated the junior race from the beginning til the end, to cross the finish line all smiles stopping the clock on 37’17’’, to see his teammate Casper Ronning claim the silver medal. The third spot of the podium was for young Russian Yaroslav Kurilenok.

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Rabaa Al Hajeri driven to elevate triathlon in Kuwait

Pá, 19/03/2021 - 05:08

Rabaa Al Hajeri has been involved in the sport of triathlon in Kuwait for over a decade, as an athlete and co-founder of the first triathlon club. As a board member to the newly formed Kuwait Triathlon Federation (KTF), Rabaa Al Hajeri holds the position of Assistant Secretary General as well as the Head of the Technical Committee.

As the only women on the KTF board and the second women to ever be elected in a sports federation in Kuwait, Rabaa Al Hajeri is driven to finally see more women in positions of leadership in sports federations throughout Kuwait. Through her efforts on the board, Rabaa Al Hajeri is striving to elevate the standard of the sport in the country on every level.

In 2009 Rabaa Al Hajeri was working as an editor for a student magazine and writing an article on one of Kuwait’s first triathletes, Ahmad Al Majed. Mr. Al Majed adopted Rabaa Al Hajeri and supported her to her first triathlon start line in Barcelona in 2010. It was at this point on the timeline that Rabaa Al Hajeri considering herself hooked on the sport of triathlon. Following this Rabaa Al Hajeri and Ahmad Al Majed established their own local club in Kuwait “The 3 Club” to drive awareness, education and engagement about triathlon in Kuwait.

How are you involved in the sport of triathlon and how were you introduced?
I’ve been involved in Triathlon for over a decade, In the earlier years I was a Triathlete, from 2009 till 2014. Today, I am involved in Triathlon from a macro / managerial way, as I was elected to the newly formed Kuwait Triathlon Federation (KTF) in September 2019 as a board member with the role of an Assistant Secretary General, as well as the Head of the Technical Committee, on the account of my experience in the sport both as an athlete and a co-founder of the first private triathlon club “The 3 Club” back in 2010.

As an Assistant Secretary General, I am in charge of communication with World Triathlon, and ensuring that KTF is working towards achieving the goals set in its 4-year strategy. We aim to develop and elevate the standard of the sport in Kuwait in all aspects, athletes, technical and organisational.

In my role as Head of the Technical Committee along with current members (Najla Al Jeraiwi, Ahmad Al Sharhan, Eissa Al Nashmi and Faisal Al Muhanna) and with the support of our Technical Director Vicent Beltran, we are working on the technical bylaws that will help govern our sport locally, establish athletes’ pathways. We will also develop the annual technical plan that includes the training calendar, camps, participations as well as all the development and educational courses that will help us produce national coaches and technical officials.

I was introduced to Triathlon in 2009, I was working as an editor for a student magazine, and was writing an article about one of Kuwait’s first triathletes: Ahmad Al Majed who’s currently the head of Suffix Sports Management Company, one of Kuwait’s leading sports management agencies which organizes the annual Flying Start Triathlon and is considered as one of the biggest contributors to the growth of the sport over the last 10 years.

Ahmad adopted me athletically and trained me for my first race which was the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon in Spain in 2010, I competed in the sprint distance and got hooked to Triathlon right away. It took us about a week to put the initial plan to start our own local club “The 3 Club” to introduce the sport to as many people as possible.

I quit everything and managed the club alongside Ahmad Al Majed for 4 years from 2010 to 2014. During those years I worked and trained at “The 3 Club”, joining several races in Abu Dhabi, and Valencia Spain with club members. In 2014, we decided to close the club due to the lack of growth opportunity at the time for the sport, as we lacked an official body to organize the sport and our efforts to organize one led to less than satisfactory results.

After closing the business, I quit Triathlon and focused more on obstacle racing, running and mountain climbing as well as my professional career in a socially driven sports management company “eightypercent.co” that my twin sister and I founded in 2014. This allowed me to work closely with sports entities from both the public and private sectors, such as the Public Authority for Sports and the Kuwait Olympic Committee. This experience contributed to me obtaining my new position as a board member in Kuwait Triathlon Federation today.

Do you have any mentors in the sport?
Yes, a number of leaders and athletes in the field have contributed to shaping my journey and helped me grow from athlete to being an official member in the KTF today. And to them I am immensely grateful, to name a few that I look up to in this sport.

Vicent Beltran for his unwavering dedication to the development of the sport and for his immense contribution to “The 3 Club” back in 2010 and currently as the technical director in the federation.
Najla Al Jeraiwi for her inspiring journey in this sport and her great efforts in spreading the sport today both as an athlete and a coach.
Ms. Fatema Hayat a Kuwait Olympic Committee Board Member and Head of the Women Sports Committee in Kuwait for her continuous support and guidance to date.
Dr.  Saqer Al Mulla the Deputy General Manager of Competitive Sports in the Public Authority of Sports

How would you describe the triathlon landscape in Kuwait?
It’s growing stronger year after year, thanks to the efforts of local clubs and local triathletes who kept the sport strong. Hopefully now as an official Federation and Club we will continue building on those efforts and support the Triathlon community to reach new levels for Athletes, Competitions and Capacity Building.

Who is involved in the triathlon club?
Today I can proudly say that most our committee members and staff are from the sport، at the KTF we made sure from the get-go to reach out to the local Triathlon clubs and community, we met with several stakeholders and athletes that have kept triathlon active over the last couple of years, below is a quick snapshot of who’s part of our committee and managerial hierarchy.

KTF Board Members:
Rashed Essa Al Kandari - President
Mohammad Haidar - Vice President
Saoud Al Kandari - Secretary general
Rabaa Al Hajeri - Asst. Secretary general
Saad Al Ali - Treasurer
Talal Al Kandari - Asst. Treasurer
Abdulhadi Abdul Ridha - Board Member

Club Management:
Anwar Jawhar - General Manager
Marshad AlMarshad - Head of Public Relations
Vicent Beltran - Consulting Technical Director
Faisal Al Juwaied - Coach
Mohammad Sofian - Executive office manager
Ahmed Hamed - Head of Accounting
Ahmad Al Naggar - Administrative Assistant

Committee Members:
Competitions Committee
Abdulhadi Abdul Ridha - Head of the committee and current skydiving athlete
Mohammad Al Qassar - Active triathlete
Noura Al Hajeri - Race organizer and triathlete
Nada Al Jeraiwi - Current triathlete
Abdulatif Al Othman - Current triathlete

Technical Committee members
Najla Al Jeraiwi - Current Triathlete, Coach and Technical official
Ahmad Al Sharhan - Current Triathlete, Coach and Technical official
Eisa Al Nashmi - Current Triathlete
Faisal Al Muhanna - Coach, and technical Official

Can you please explain the training schedule, sessions and locations?
We are currently operating temporarily at the Kuwait Olympic committee headquarters in Jaber Al Ahmad, training has been on halt in Kuwait due to the pandemic and its ramifications on the community, but we are currently preparing our facility and training schedule to start receiving athletes as soon as possible.

We have 67 registered athletes, we are currently testing their fitness levels, getting their bio data and completing their athletes’ profiles, to ensure each athlete is set with the right plan to reach their maximum potential in the sport.

What are your ambitions for triathlon in Kuwait?
I hope to one day see a full-fledged state of the art Triathlon training facility that is fully equipped and staffed with highly qualified professionals to produce competitive athletes and provide all the support required to hone the talented athletes and offer them opportunities. Our aim is to put Kuwait on the map when it comes to high performing athletes, to contribute in expanding the sport of Triathlon, to organize/host highly competitive and top notch races, and finally to elevate the standard of the sport in the country on every level!

What are some of the barriers for taking part in triathlon in Kuwait?

Right now, I would say there are much less barriers than before, but perhaps we need to provide safer cycling routes as well as better facilities to enhance the potential of our athlete’s competitiveness and overall level. As well as bridge the communication gap between the KTF and the athletes by providing all the necessary information and opportunities to the community via all available communication channels.

Why triathlon?
Because it encompasses 3 different disciplines, each with its unique training and conditioning that allows athletes to really test their limits.  I have always been fascinated by pushing limits of endurance and boundaries of fitness and for me triathlon offers the opportunity to do so.

The importance of communication and collaboration in this sport has never been as imperative as it is now, and I hope that through our work at KTF we are able to collaborate with all entities that share the same vision and expand the reach of our sport even further. And finally, I hope to see more women in positions of leadership in sports federations throughout Kuwait.

I’m currently the only women on the board and the 2nd women to ever be elected in a sports federation in Kuwait.

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World Triathlon to restart Olympic & Paralympic rankings on 1 May, 2021

Čt, 18/03/2021 - 19:32

The Executive Board of World Triathlon has today approved the restart of the Olympic and Paralympic Qualification rankings from 1 May, 2021. The Asian Championships will also be counted as an exception as it takes place prior to the date of the restart. Concurrently, the IOC and IPC have been asked for the relevant qualification criteria to be updated. The Olympic Qualification Period will remain open until no later than 21 June, while for the Paralympics the Qualification Period will be open until 15 July.

The restart of the Olympic qualification period will mean that athletes will have the opportunities to compete in a total of 6 events, including World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama and Leeds and World Triathlon Cups in Osaka, Lisbon, Arzachena and Huatulco, with racing planned in three continents during the window. The remaining Continental Championships and the Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification events are also planned to be held during the qualification period. The world rankings will also reopen on 1 May.

The restart of the Paralympic qualification period will mean that athletes will have the opportunities to compete in at least 4 events, including World Triathlon Para Series and World Triathlon Para Cups, with racing planned on two continents during the window. The remaining Continental Championship events are also to be held during the qualification period. The para triathlon world rankings will also be reopened on 1 May.

The standings were frozen last March due to the worldwide impact of the pandemic and the subsequent travel restrictions that forced athletes around the globe to limit their training and travel, and led to many events being postponed and cancelled. The World Triathlon events that took place at the end of the 2020 season, including the World Championships, did not count for the Olympic nor the Paralympic rankings.

More specific details regarding this process, and the updated qualification criteria, will be communicated to all National Federations in the coming days.

The World Triathlon Executive Board has also approved the rules for the Eliminator format, that will make its debut in the World Triathlon Championship Series this year, and the World Games qualification criteria.

In the Board meeting, held once more via videoconference, it was approved the appointment of the new members of the World Triathlon Tribunal: Ize Matebese (NIR), Judge Jones (USA), Judge Tom O’Donnell (IRL) and Stephen Sampson (UK). The Board also approved to appoint Bela Varga (HUN) as a member of the Competition Jury for the Tokyo Olympic Games, after the resignation of one of the previously selected members. Byambaa Tsagaanbaatar (MON) has been nominated as a Technical Official for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, also in replacement of a TO that resigned.

The Executive Board approved in the same meeting the Development contracts with Americas Triathlon, Africa Triathlon and Asia Triathlon, which will grant these continents funds for development activities during the 2021 season.

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World Triathlon Podcast 31: Kevin McDowell

Čt, 18/03/2021 - 14:30

On the latest edition of the World Triathlon podcast, USA’s Kevin McDowell gives an incredibly honest and articulate appraisal of his recovery from the cancer that threatened to derail his career in 2011. From his parents breaking the news to the intense 6 months of treatment and long road back to full fitness, his story reveals a courage and single-mindedness that has helped get him back to the top of the sport and arguably in the shape of his life now 10 years cancer free and as the final leg of the Olympic qualification process draws near.

“Ten years was a pretty special one to hit,” he says. “It’s been quite a rollercoaster since that diagnosis. There’s been some great highs and big lows and everything in between, more than I would have ever imagined, but I feel like I’ve truly come out of it stronger at this point.”

“I mean, when my parents broke the news to me, I was just speechless. The doctor said ‘give me six months of your life’. So I was like, all right, six months, let’s do this. This is my new goal. And actually, I went through it pretty, pretty well. I had a good mindset going through it… and I just honestly thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to go through these intense six months of chemo and I’m going to be fine’.”

“I’d say it wasn’t even until recent years where I fully accepted and realised how much damage I had done to me to going through all those treatments. I mean, I lost a ton of weight, it completely changed my body. everything was out of whack. I mean, I was 18, you’re still growing at that point.”

“So it was like, my body just was totally in a funk. Hormones, everything… I should have let my body truly recover because it was basically just beat up when I finished, I mean, I was frail, hair gone, everything.”

“As athletes we’re so on top of nutrition and sleep and health and so I had all these good habits instilled in me. So I was kind of in a way breezing through more than they thought the first. I mean, I hadn’t lost my hair right away, I go in for a chemo and then I go run eight miles with my teammates… and then that changed, then things caught up to me. Then I lost my hair. Then I got really sick.”

“I definitely tested my mom a lot because she’s a nurse and knew the risk, but she knew how much mentally I needed to still keep some normalcy. So it was a, it was a balance and I definitely pushed it a lot, but it helped me get through it. That was my coping mechanism.”

The result of that mentality and coping mechanism also meant that McDowell returned to racing before his body was ready for the demands of a triathlon season.

“You know, it’s funny because… there were periods of times where I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m back to where I was’. And it was true. I would get back to that level, but it was so short-lived and then my body would like break down. But the issue was, when I was a junior, at that point one of my biggest strengths was my strength. I was super robust, super strong as a whole. And it’s crazy but to date, now, I’m probably back to the muscle weight and everything that I was 10 years ago.”
“I’d say 2019 was like a turning point year for me. I ended up getting an injury and had to take some time away and then build back up and things were actually then progressing really well, but it made me really think do I really want to do this? I want to do this.  I love this, it’s joyous. It’s not a burden for me to go out and do this stuff. And I do want to see I’m not done yet.”

“I want to see what I can actually do because I haven’t reached where I’d always envisioned myself being. I’m excited, I have another spark in me that maybe I was lacking for a little bit on and off through these last years.”

You can listen to Episode 31 of the World Triathlon podcast in full on Apple, Google and Spotify.

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Andorra ready to make its debut in the Winter Triathlon circuit

Čt, 18/03/2021 - 07:09

The stage is set in Andorra to welcome the participants of the World Triathlon Winter Championships. Andorra’s Naturlandia adventure park, near the town of Sant Julià de Lòria, will be the perfect home for more than 200 athletes from all over the world. A breathtaking natural setting, nestled within the mighty Pyrenees, will be the arena where athletes will combine the disciplines of running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing across a sprawling winter landscape.

Winter triathlon is one of the newest events on World Triathlon’s calendar, consists of a run, mountain bike and cross-country skiing format with elite athletes going usually for approximately 8 km run on the snow, 14 km of MTB also on the snow and 12 km of cross-country skiing. The World Triathlon Winter Championships usually is a two-day event with hundreds of athletes for the elite, junior, u23, paratriathlon and age-group programs. There will also be a mixed relay event for both the elites and juniors.

Andorra will be the 23th edition of the World Triathlon Winter Championships, an event that was first held in Mals, Italy, in 1997, and has since gained attraction every, with thousands of athletes participating in the sport.

Men’s race Preview

On the men’s side, a 26-man roster is ready to compete in Andorra, including the man that can be considered the King of Winter Triathlon: Pavel Andreev. The neutral athlete representing the Russian Triathlon Federation will try to secure his 9th World crown this weekend, after another excellent performance only a few weeks ago in the Asiago World Cup that got him another gold medal for his tally.

Andreev’s teammate and 2019 silver medallist and 2020 bronze medallist,  Dmitriy Bregeda will be trying to overcome the bittersweet fourth place he got in Asiago, but he will need to keep an eye on other members of the team from the Russian Federation, including Pavel Yakimov and Evgenii Uliashev, both strong skiers that can take advantage of the long and tough ski course in Andorra. Evgenii Evgrafov and Ivan Zalavtsev (RTF) will play their cards in the U23 category.

Facing the athletes representing the Russian Federation, the Italian squad, led by Guiseppe Lamastra, who will be accompanied by Daniel Antonioli and Franco Pesavento, will be once again trying to claim spots in the top positions.

Another one to watch will be newcomer Sebastian Neef (GER), who proved to be a really strong biker and skier in Asiago last month, claiming the silver medal ahead of some of the world stars of the winter sport. For Eneko Llanos Burguera (ESP), racing in Andorra will be almost like racing at home, and he has proved in the Spanish Championships that moving from long distance triathlon to winter tri events has been a successful move.

Viorel Palici (ROM), Marek Rauchfuss (CZE) and Oivind Bjerkseth (NOR), among some other names, will be among the ones vying for the top positions in the race, that will take place on Saturday morning and will be streamed live on TriathlonLIVE.tv.

Women’s Preview
In the Elite women’s race, the battle will be fierce among the top neutral athletes from the Russian federation, Yulia Surikova, Daria Rogozina and Svetlana Sokolova, and the woman that claimed for the first non-Russian athlete standing on top of a winter triathlon podium in decades: Italian Sandra Meirhofer.

Daria Rogozina, the current holder of the World and European crowns, did not race in Asiago but is ready now to defend her title of the Queen of snow. In front of her, Mairhofer, gunning for her first ever World Championships title.

Lining up with them will be some great names of Winter and Cross Triathlon. Austrian Romana Slavinec, silver medal in Asiago and who will be looking forward to who will be looking to improve on her bronze medal in the World Championships 2019 after collecting eight National titles and the World title as an U23 in 2012.
Enara Oronoz Mateo and Marta Borbon Llorente (ESP) will benefit from competing considerably near home, and can show their strong bike skills.



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A brief history of 35 years of Winter Triathlon

Pá, 12/03/2021 - 16:03

From 20-21 March, Andorra will host the World Triathlon Winter Championships for the first time, streaming over on on TriathlonLIVE.tv. It was in Mals, Italy that the inaugural World Championships were held and Paolo Riva led home a huge home nation contingent to take the gold and since then the sport has grown, developed and become popular around the world, with Kenya sending a team for the first time in 2020.

The first Winter Triathlons in Europe began in Spain in 1987, with restless triathletes looking for a winter activity, including World Triathlon Results Director Enrique Quesada.

“It emerged as a sport even before duathlon in southern Europe,” says Enrique. “The first idea was to hold the run in a village, then bike up to the winter resort and have the ski segment on the snow.”

The model proved successful very quickly and stayed in the format for several years, but there were inherent organisational difficulties with the distance between transition areas and the equipment needed.

“Some of the big names of cycling were also involved because of marketing and sponsors and races took place every year in France, Switzerland, Spain and so on. But you couldn’t block the roads at the weekend because they were often the only route up the mountain.”

“As we moved to the stadium concept with multiple laps for the summer triathlon, there was then a move to try and copy that approach with the winter format. “Im a meeting someone said “Why not just bike on the snow?” To be a part of the Winter Olympics the charter states that the sport has to take part on snow or ice, so the vision was to move everything onto the snow.”

Some of the difficulties were therefore removed, such as closing the roads, but then creating a snow track strong enough to ride on became the next challenge. The last World Championship of the old model was held in 2000 in Jaca, Spain.

“The athletes adapted very well, the top athletes have a solid ski base with their national teams. The cross-country ski made it more accessible than mountain skiing and switching the bike from road to mountain wasn’t a big change.”

“The trouble is when the temperature hits zero degrees the snow starts melting. The run was also then on the snow, and depending on the conditions some athletes wore spikes to help them run faster. Suddenly the visuals and imagery of the sport changed drastically, it looked spectacular. Part of the Olympic requirement is a good TV product and that is what we have now.”

You can listen to the full Winter Triathlon podcast with Enrique Quesada and Italy’s Sandra Mairhofer below. Mairhofer won the first Winter Cup of the year in Asiago in February, following it up with the National title just two days later.

“Winter Triathlon is always an adventure because you never know the exact distance or altitude or elevation, it depends a lot on conditions and the forecast so it comes down to a late decision,” says Mairhofer. “Winter Triathlon is a beautiful sport and spectacular with the racing in loops around the grandstand meaning spectators see us pass regularly. Every year more people are participating and getting into the Winter Triathlon family.”

You can watch all the action from the World Triathlon Winter Championships on TriathlonLIVE.tv on Saturday 20 March.

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Great moments in triathlon by Ben Lumley

Út, 09/03/2021 - 07:49

A showcase of moments by Ben Lumley, World Triathlon Photographer and 2020 Sports Photographer of the Year | British Photography Awards.

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World Triathlon International Women’s Day Activities

Po, 08/03/2021 - 12:31

World Triathlon and its President, IOC Member Marisol Casado remain leaders in gender equality for the sport community. We honour International Women’s Day in an organisation where gender equity is at the core of its composition and celebrate strong women all around the world.

To celebrate 2021 International Women’s Day, World Triathlon will host an inspiring panel of guests to discuss women’s sport leadership, development and gender equality, as guiding principles of triathlon’s world governing body.

When: 8pm CET, Monday 8 March

Marisol Casado - World Triathlon President, IOC Member
Emma Carney – Multiple World Triathlon champion
Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) HP graduates: Pamela Fulton (ZIM), Ljudmila Medan (SRB), Kate Murray (RSA), Pooja Chaurushi (IND) and Najla Al-Jeraiwi (KUW)
Zita Csovelyak – World Triathlon Education and Development

The panel will be streamed live on TriathlonLIVE.tv and World Triathlon Facebook

Gender Equality Webinar Series
In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020, the IOC, ASOIF and AIOWF have organised a Gender Equality Webinar Series to showcase actions that sport organisations can take to increase the number of women leaders in sport.

4pm CET, Monday, 15 March
Male Allyship: actions men can take to advance gender equality in sport.

4pm CET, Tuesday, 16 March
Establishing a gender equality action plan for your organisation.

4pm CET, Monday, 22 March
Initiatives to grow the number of women Technical Officials.

Register here

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Seiko Hashimoto greets the World Triathlon family on International Women’s Day

Po, 08/03/2021 - 07:50

This International Women’s Day we honour women in leadership roles around the world. Seiko Hashimoto, a seven-time Olympian and former Minister of the Olympics, was recently appointed President to lead the Organising Committee of the Tokyo 2020 Games. Born five days before the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony, Seiko, was named after the Olympic flame by her father. Seiko Hashimoto has been the President of the Triathlon National Diet Members Association for 12 years.

Seiko Hashimoto has participated in Winter Olympics four times as a speed skater winning a bronze medal and competed at Summer Olympics three times as a cyclist.

At a challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world and little time left before the opening of the Games, Seiko Hashimoto bluntly devotes her career in order to deliver successful Olympic and Paralympic Games. Her charismatic personality and unique career drew high expectation as she can truly share the feeling and sensibility of athletes and has deep insights as politician who has also served as minister of gender equality. She is committed to driving the preparation for the Games and leveraging operations by setting an earnest gender equality mind in her organisation. With less than 2 weeks since she assumed her office, she has increased the ratio of women in the Executive Board of Tokyo 2020 Games from 20% to approximately 42% by inviting 12 women experts from various fields including business, academia and sports.

Serving also as President of the Triathlon National Diet Members Association for 12 years, she greets the World Triathlon family on International Women’s Day.
“I see it very encouraging that Mme. Marisol Casado, President of World Triathlon, is seriously addressing gender equality issues as only one woman president amongst of all the Summer Olympic International Federations. I understand World Triathlon set equal rules, same race distances, and same amount of prize money for both women and men since its inception as an international federation. In this manner, with the development as a sport, Triathlon has greatly demonstrated and contributed to the gender equality in the sport scene across the world. I look forward to witnessing Triathlon facilitate even further promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women. The Tokyo 2020 Games Organizing Committee is doing our utmost in building every possible COVID-19 preventive measures by providing a solid system. We would like to welcome you all to our Games in a thoroughly prepared and well organised operation.
I look forward to meeting you in Tokyo this summer!”

Article generated by the World Triathlon Women’s Committee
The Women’s Committee is responsible for advising the Executive Board, Committees, Members and Associate members on the development and implementation of their policies and for promoting equal opportunity for women to participate in all aspects of the sport of Triathlon, Paratriathlon and Multisport.

Picture provided by Tokyo 2020

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Najla Al-Jeraiwi and Basmla Elsalamoney are driving forces in triathlon

Po, 08/03/2021 - 07:25

Najla Al Jeraiwi from Kuwait and Basmla Elsalamoney from Egypt join World Triathlon for an International Women’s Day special.

Najla Al-Jeraiwi has been a pioneering force in Arabic sport as an equestrian show jumper, cyclist and now triathlete and coach and has recently graduated from the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) High Performance Coach course, that began back in 2019. The female coach from Kuwait was invited by World Triathlon to join peers from five other International Federations. selected by ASOIF, to take part in what was the first third-party initiative to be funded by Olympic Solidarity.

“The WSLA experience was amazing. I did not know what to expect from this course and it turned out to be something amazing, an added value to my career. I had to reflect on what I was doing and also on my vision and philosophy as a coach.
“When I started out in triathlon, it wasn’t normal to see women being outdoors and doing sport. I had such a hard time finding a facility to swim and to coach. We only had the chance to train at 5am as girls cannot be at the swimming pool during the day as this is when the men swim and this is still an issue to be honest, we can’t get access to the swimming pool as much as the guys.

“But now women’s sport is really changing in this region. Now you see a lot of girls taking sport seriously. We have more opportunity for girls to join other sports, so women’s sport is starting to evolve now and being accepted by society and the culture.”
As a coach in Kuwait and recently graduated from the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) High Performance course, Najla Al-Jeraiwi reflects on the experience to join and connect with coaching peers from other International Federations and share coaching philosophies.

“The WSLA experience was amazing. I did not know what to expect from this course and it turned out to be something amazing, an added value to my career. I had to reflect on what I was doing and also on my vision and philosophy as a coach. The athletes I train do have the potential, the most important thing and the hardest thing is to keep them in the sport. If I can keep them all in the sport, it will be a very successful thing to do here.”

Basmla Elsalamoney from Egypt emerged on the triathlon scene in 2016 with a junior women’s cup victory. The Egyptian triathlete then went onto the 2019 African Games held in Rabat, Morocco, where she won the elite women’s event and claimed the bronze medal in the triathlon mixed relay event. Later in 2019 Basmla competed in her first World Cup in Weihai, China, on the ASICS World Triathlon team.

“After that the goal was to start getting more experience, something that wasn’t easy. I had to travel to some races and after the National Championships and local races, I went to the World Triathlon Series in Abu Dhabi and I won the age-group category. I was in my last year of high school, the goal was to start taking part at the World Triathlon level. In 2018 the goal was to get the first World Ranking points to get qualification and this is where it started in 2018.”

Joining the ASICS World Triathlon Development team has provided Basmla Elsalamoney with experience and new skills, enabling her to improve and progress as an elite athlete.

“That was the greatest opportunity I have had in my career so far. Being in the team is amazing since it started where I got the opportunity to race in the Weihai World Cup. They have supported races and giving me so much experience.”

“In 2019 I had an accident on the road and got hit by a car when cycling. It was just one month until the African Championship which was a very important race to secure my position in the Olympic simulation. I couldn’t make it to the African Championship, I had to stop training for two months, have surgery on my knee and then sort again to train gradually until I got the opportunity to race the African Games. They entered my name one day before closing.”

“After the surgery, you start the hardest part with the rehab. I am thankful I had the people around to help me overcome that obstacle and continue to do what I love to do. I know that mental support that I have from the people around me was very helpful at that time.”

On International Women’s Day we asked Basmla Elsalamoney to share those people in her life that she draws inspiration from.

“I think the first person I need to talk about is my mother, she is the most supportive person in my life. When you have great women around you to support, it makes a difference.”

Kuwait’s Najla Al Jeraiwi and Egypt’s Basmla Elsalamoney join us for an International Women’s Day double episode, sharing the stories of their journeys towards representing their countries on the World Triathlon stage. Listen to the episode on the World Triathlon Podcast.

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World Triathlon Championship Series Montreal moved to August

Pá, 05/03/2021 - 17:15

The local organizer committee of the Groupe Copley 2021 World Triathlon Series Montreal, along with Triathlon Canada, have decided to move the event from June to 13-15 August, 2021, in order to give a bit more time to ease the travel restrictions worldwide. Organisers of the 2021 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships in Zofingen have also announced that the event, planned for May, will be moved to 19 September.

Right after the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, the best triathletes of the world will travel to Canada for back to back Series racing. The week prior to the World Triathlon Championships Finals in Edmonton, best triathletes of the world will gather in Montreal for an event that will make its debut in the Series: the Eliminator format, with qualifiers, repechage and final. Unfortunately, and since the new dates are close to the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, Montreal will not host a World Triathlon Para Series this year, as previously planned.

The organisers of the 2021 World Triathlon Powerman Long Distance Duathlon Championships Zofingen have requested to postpone the event from May to 19 September, 2021, due to the ongoing travel restrictions and the current COVID situation in Switzerland, that has quarantines in place for many countries. The request, approved by the World Triathlon Executive Board, has the full support from Swiss Triathlon and from the International Powerman Association.

The Duathlon Long Distance World Championships will then follow the 2021 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Almere-Amsterdam.

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